Dead Sound "S/T" LP (RED VINYL)


Dead Sound "S/T" LP (RED VINYL)


Red vinyl edition. Limited to 275 copies!

  1. 3:33 and Void

  2. Low Spark

  3. Bloodlust

  4. Connie Honey

  5. On Arrival

  6. South of Bisbee

  7. Crown Vic

  8. Hollowed Eyes

  9. easy

  10. Teeth

Dead Sound hails from Oakland California. Formed in 2017 the band is Mark W Lynn (Underside, Uranium 9 Volt, The Devil's Own, Dear County), Mack Narragon (Saint Ides, Dixon, Melba Cults), Bill Schneider (Monsula, Influents, Pinhead Gunpowder) and Mike Goshert (Fifteen, Monkey Brittle, Harvest Theory). 

At the beginning of 2017, a multi-weekend benefit for 924 Gilman St was held. Several former Lookout! bands from the East Bay were invited to play, including Monsula, a seminal 90s group consisting of Chuck Goshert, Mike Goshert, Bill Schneider, and Paul Lee. They invited Mark W Lynn who had played with Bill in former Lookout! band, Uranium 9 Volt, to play second guitar. The shows were great and the weekend was a blast! Subsequent to those shows, Monsula was asked to play the first couple Jawbreaker reunion shows in the Bay area. Mike, Mark, and Bill were having a ton of fun so decided to continue playing together and form a new band. After a couple months of writing a bunch of metal songs (got that out of their systems), they figured they should find a singer and write some hooky tunes for the people. Mark met Mack through a mutual friend while drinking free beer at the bar. Mack said he could sing and play bass. Mark believed him. The rest (future) is history.

Self described as guitar driven power pop, charming like The Beatles. Described by Will as "kind of a shitty Oasis." We don't really know what we sound like but we hope you like it!

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