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HOURS: We'll be open from 9am to 8pm.

THE LINE: If there's an RSD style line (aka a hundred plus people around the block) we'll hand out numbered tickets to everyone in line, let in 20 or 30 people and then one in one out until the line is gone. We've had great success with this strategy. It makes the line look intimidating to passers by but it actually goes pretty quick and orderly. When you hand in your ticket you'll be entered in to a drawing for a gift certificate for your next visit and everyone gets a coupon for 10% off their next visit with their purchase!

THE RECORDS: Everything will be set up in our show space. Customers on Black Friday will only be able to buy one of each release. Saturday onward you can come in and get as much of whatever you want. No holds barred.

There are about 110 official BF releases at last count. We've ordered 105 of them to date. We will not be releasing a list ahead of the day. We often get things the day of so we'd hate to say "yes we'll have that" and end up not getting or telling you it didn't come and then have it show up. Talk to anyone who has been here for RSD in the last 3 years or so and they'll tell you we get great fills on these things. Often way more than the bigger stores who get absolutely SWAMPED on days like this. It's very worth checking us out.

SALE STUFF: There will be HUGE discounts on a lot of RSD stuff from the past and great discounts on some other things we pick out specially for this day. These will be in the same room as the RSD stuff on a separate table.

ONLINE SALES: Everything that's left will be put in our webstore after we close on Black Friday. . These records will start shipping on Monday December 1st.

FOOD: Hella Vegan Eats will once again be selling food outside the shop from 9am till some point in the afternoon. I'm not sure if they'll do their thanksgiving menu but I'm betting they will. Even if you're not Vegan this is some AMAZING food.

DRINK: After 12pm we'll have something special for those of you over 21 who come out!

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