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RECORD STORE DAY 2015! As always we'll have tons of exclusive releases (over 400 different titles!) and items on sale on top of our usual stock. And as always we won't know what we're getting until just before the day so we won't be able to tell you in advance nor will we be doing any holds. First come first serve!

We will be letting in 20 people to start and then one in one out after that so we can make sure everyone gets a fair shot at what they want without having to dodge elbows. No one gets more than one copy of each RSD release so even if you're in the back of the line you've got a good shot.

Every year we receive tons of praise on how we run this and the AMAZING stock levels we get. We can't tell you how many times we hear "I wasted so much time at blah blah records and didn't get what I want...and you've got it all here". Make us your first stop on RSD. Don't fear the line! It actually goes pretty fast and it means we're running a tight ship!


Voodoo Van will be on hand starting at 8am to keep away the hangries!