OUR STORE is open every day 11am to 8pm. Open 363 days a year! We are closed for Thanksgiving day and Christmas day only.

We buy used records every day. We pride ourselves on paying more than any other store in the area for used records. We're extremely selective but we know what your records are worth and will give you a fair percentage in either Cash or Trade.

We also take consignments from local bands.


SHOWS:  All shows are all ages and run 7pm to 10pm unless otherwise noted. All shows have a cover charge unless specifically marked "FREE". Sometimes we are unaware of what that charge may be until the day of so it may not be listed in the event itself. There is no drinking at 1-2-3-4 Go!. It is an All Ages space. This also means no drinking in our parking lot, in front of the store or in a neighbors yard. Please respect our space and our neighborhood. Shows end early so you have all night to drink wherever you want after!


IF YOU ARE IN A BAND: If you see a TBA on any date list we are NOT looking to fill it. Most often we already have someone booked and can't release the info or the band booking the show has someone in mind already. We typically need at least 2 months advance notice to book anything. Bills come to us complete so there aren't really opportunities to just put a band on. So if you want to play here, check out the calendar, find a date that appears open that's at least two months away, put together a full bill and contact us via email to see if we're interested in doing the show.